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wedding Austria

We create beautiful and elegant weddings in Austria and Europe for clients who know exactly what they want and are not settling for less.

Exquisite venues, highly professional vendors, attention to every detail - these are the main elements of weddings planned by us.

Conference Center Laxenburg

Anticipation is the greatest joy


I'm Marina, your wedding planner in Austria

When I was planning my own wedding in 2016, I did everything myself. "Why wouldn't I?", I thought.

As a project manager, I knew how to handle communication with different vendors.

As a person very much interested in beauty/trends, I had a great vision of how our wedding should look like. 

As a graduate of two universities, I didn't have any problem managing our budget. 

But I realized way too late, that as long as I'm in control of all the serious tasks of planning a wedding, I'm missing out on the whole "being a bride" part of it.

That's why now my clients are able to just enjoy this unique experience of being excited, and I take care of the rest . 

Wedding Planner Austria

Our weddings

Love Letters
From Our Happy Couples

wedding castle Austria
"You got us our dream team and created a true fairytale, that we will never forget. We want to remember and relive every second of this day, because everything was just perfect ”

Liza & Amin · 2021

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